MAC Activation

You can buy one, three, ten and fifty activations for upgrade TP-Link WA5210G devices to Ubiquiti NanoStation 2

Buy 1 activation - 10$
Buy 3 activation - 15$
Buy 10 activation - 30$
Buy 50 activation - 100$
Donate 1$

For payment systems PayPal, YandexMoney, WebMoney and other details send your request to

Questions & Answers:

Q: Will I get discount if I had already transferred money for the activation of MAC?
A: Yes, for the same member of the program are taken into account previously been reported from him the amount. Also, send to us your login. That is, the following MAC-addresses are cheaper.

Q: Tell us more about how to get login to activate MAC-addresses? 

A: Transfer money from the convenient way available, write the order and payment details in a letter to the address of e-mail, and comes back with your username and password.

Q: Do you need to send list of activated MAC-addresses
to e-mail?
A: No. Everything is done easily through the program.

Q: How long to wait for a response by e-mail?

A: Up to three working days. Usually in the evening. If you do not answer, you can repeat a letter or write a comment here. If you have not responded to within three working days, then be sure to write in the comments, maybe your e-mail to the spam list or some more serious problems. Also read news of first page of blog.

7 комментариев:

Olya Olegovna комментирует...

Огромное человеческое спасбо!

Andrei Piovesan комментирует...

you have a paypal acount?

Max комментирует...

Im interested in converting my tplink 5210g, are you providing this service at the moment?

WaFiveTwoOneZeroG tplink комментирует...

For info - send e-mail letter to e-mail address, found on this page. If three working days no answer - then may write message in the this log

Дмитрий Есипенко комментирует...

не работают активации - пишет Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused

Александр Иванов комментирует...

Скажите пожалуйста сервис ещё работает по активации MAC ?

WaFiveTwoOneZeroG tplink комментирует...

Работает, но русскоязычным лучше наверное сюда

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